Job: Narrative Designer For Someone With “a passion for the Halo series.”

This job was posted at A link to the application can be found on the page.

Title: Narrative Designer : Redmond, WA
Job ID: 600009065
Location: Redmond, WA
Description: We are looking for a talented and passionate Narrative Designer. You will be a part of the team responsible for the technical implementation of the game story. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience with scripting, a strong sense of story-telling, and a passion for the Halo series narrative.

Job Responsibilities

*  Under supervision of the Narrative Director, the Narrative Designer is responsible for technical implementation of game content.

*  Collaborate with the design, art and the audio teams to design and implement the story using the game editor and scripting systems.

*  Pace story content to tell an active and exciting story.

*  Be familiar with the current state of narrative design across a wide range of genres across all platforms.

*  Help us push our narrative design further by identifying issues and offering solutions.

*  Provide a receptive ear so that other team members can offer input on the game story and narrative design.

*  Evangelize the game story and narrative vision to the team.


*  2+ years experience as a Narrative Designer, VO Scripter or equivalent.

*  Shipped at least one AAA title as Narrative Designer, VO Scripter or equivalent.

*  Excellent understanding of scripting languages

*  Excellent sense of pacing and knowledge of cinematic techniques.

*  Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

*  Enthusiasm for the game series and passion for the game story.

*  Ability to work and contribute effectively in a team environment.

*  Ability to meet deadlines.

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