About the Game Writing SIG

Game writers include those in the video game industry who write dialogue scripts, construct overarching narrative structure, produce documentation and articles, and a myriad of other writing tasks. Sometimes, they are specifically identified as writers, and other times they find themselves picking up writing duties as an addition to their primary jobs. In either case, the craft and process of game writing, and the quality that good game writing brings to game development as a whole, have been undervalued for too long.

Our membership includes writers, narrative designers, those who hire and work with writers and narrative designers, and those who want to be writers and/or narrative designers.


For the big picture, please read the draft of our five-year plan (created in Aug 2007). In general, the Game Writing SIG focuses on:

  • Building a community of people who write for and about games.
  • Promoting the art and craft of writing and narrative design to the industry as a whole.
  • Fostering better storytelling in games.
  • Educating game developers about writers and narrative designers.
  • Educating game writers and narrative designers about game development.
  • Identifying and addressing issues of importance to the community.


The Game Writing SIG was jump-started in 2002 by Chris Bateman and Raphael van Lierop. They realized there were a lot of writers working in the interactive space of games and wanted to create a community where they could come together. IGDA provided the perfect foundation. A mailing list was started and members of that list bootstrapped themselves into a functioning SIG with big-picture objectives and specific initiatives. Membership grew, and in 2005 a constitution was formed and monthly committee meetings started. Hilarity ensued.


The SIG adopted a formal constitution in 2005. We are organized thusly:

  • An executive panel (3 members)
  • A committee (12, including the exec)
  • General members (we’re happy to have you on board)
  • Volunteers (we always need more!)

Volunteers are always welcome. If you’re interested in helping out, take a look at the initiative list to see who’s spearheading the initiative you’d like to be involved in. Drop them an e-mail or post to the general list expressing your interest.

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