The following constitution was ratified by the Committee on 3/31/05.


Constitution of the IGDA Game Writers Special Interest Group

1. Vision Statement
The purpose of the SIG is as follows:

  1. To build a community of game writers, who have been largely isolated until now.
  2. To promote the art and craft of game writing to the industry as a whole; to dispel the myths and aid the successful integration of game writers into game development.
  3. To educate game developers about writers, and to educate writers about game development.
  4. To identify, and strive to address, those issues of importance to the community of game writers.
  5. To work towards better narrative in games.

We consider a game writer to be anyone who creates narrative design or dialogue scripts for games, and we consider anyone who fulfils this role along with the role of game designer to be a ‘writer designer’ or ‘designer writer’.

2. Constitution
The purpose of the constitution is to provide a framework for day-to-day operations.

  1. Organisation. The SIG will be organised by a Committee. Decisions will be made by the Committee using the principles of sociocratic consent (that is, no reasonable objections will be ignored).
  2. Committee Members. Anyone can be made a Committee Member at any time by the sociocratic consent of the Committee.
  3. Executive Panel. Three members of the Committee shall constitute the Executive Panel. The Executive can make decisions on behalf of the Committee, but at least two members of the Executive are needed in order to do so.
  4. Executive Elections. The Executive shall be voted for annually by the Committee. The Executive is accountable to the Committee, who shall censure any member of the Executive who behaves inappropriately.
  5. Committee Meetings. Committee Members are expected to attend the regular Committee Meetings or to provide apologies for absence. Two absences from a Committee Meeting without formal apologies shall be considered a resignation of a Committee post (provided the Committee Member in question was notified of the meetings).

We will practice Open Government – Anyone is free to attend SIG Committee Meetings, and the transcript/minutes of each meeting will be made available. Contact a member of the Committee if you wish to attend a Committee Meeting.

  1. Petitioning the Committee. Members of the SIG are invited to petition any member of the Committee to bring up an issue for discussion at the Committee Meeting. (They are also welcome to attend the Committee Meeting themselves in order to discuss any issue).
  2. Caveat Lector. This constitution will self destruct if it gets in the way of getting things done.

Amendment (Ratified Thursday 22nd June 2006):

  1. Exec elections to be held within one month of GDC each year. Each committee member receives three discretionary votes; votes will be tallied (anonymously) by Jason Della Rocca or another IGDA appointee; the three candidates with the most votes are elected.
  2. Committee size is capped at 12 members, including exec.
  3. The committee will endeavour at all times to contain at least 7 members.
  4. Quorum is at least half the committee, which must include at least one member of the exec.
  5. Committee members who have not been involved with an initiative for a period of more than sixth months, or who choose to step down, will be thanked for their contribution and become Associates i.e. ex-committee members, thus making room for new members.

Amendment (Ratified Wednesday 28th March 2007):

  1. Nominations for Executive Elections shall be conducted by voluntary proxy: any committee member may nominate any other committee member, who must then decide whether to accept the nomination. Those who accept the nomination will be eligible candidates for election.

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