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All it really takes to become a member is to join one or more of our mailing lists. See this page on our website for more information about them. Since the special interest group is a smaller segment of the larger IGDA we do encourage people to join that larger organization, but we don’t require it. We’re building community here, and everyone is welcome.

To find something specific to volunteer for, check out our list of initiatives.


Executive Panel

Previous Board


These people have served upon the committee, but have stepped down with grateful thanks.

  • Chris Bateman (International Hobo Ltd) [Served on the Exec for five years]
  • Richard E. Dansky (Red Storm Entertainment) [Served on the Exec for five years]
  • Ed Kuehnel (Independent Writer)
  • Rhianna Pratchett (Independent Writer)
  • James Swallow (Independent Writer)


  • Ray Almaden (Independent Game Writer)
  • Steve Angelini (Digital Fiction)
  • John Baker (Independent Game Writer)
  • Roane Beard (Staff Writer, Meteor Games)
  • Piers Beckley (Independent Writer)
  • Alexander Bevier (biblioludico)
  • Bixler (Lead Instructional Designer, Penn State Univ.)
  • Michael Butler (Sigil Games Online – Lore Writer)
  • Adam Chapman (???)
  • Armand Constantine (Independent Writer)
  • Mike Corey (Game Goose Media)
  • Mary De Marle (Independent Writer-designer)
  • Julie Dillon (???)
  • Alfonso Elenes Jr. (Angry Weasel Entertainment)
  • Dominic Fleury (Digital Fiction)
  • Brian Freyermuth (Interplay Entertainment)
  • Todd Furmanski (???)
  • Laurent Gosselin (UQAM)
  • Remi Hachoud (Microids)
  • Colin Harvey (Independent Writer Designer/Academic)
  • Tobias Heussner (Radonlabs GmbH)
  • Clint Hocking (Ubisoft)
  • Christina Hoheisel (???)
  • Steve Ince (Independent Writer-designer)
  • Alex Kerfoot (Wolverine Soft)
  • Doiran Kieker (A2M)
  • Mathieu Lamarche (Ubisoft)
  • François Dominic Laramée (Freelance writer/designer/troublemaker)
  • Graeme Lennon (Student)
  • JoAnna Lio (Maxis)
  • James G. Mapes (Mountain Man Online Games LLC)
  • Neale McDavitt?-VanFleet? (Sphera)
  • Danny Muller (Independent Writer-designer)
  • Suzanne Oshry (Second Crossing, Inc)
  • Sheldon Pacotti (Ion Storm)
  • Yan Pepin (UQAM)
  • Richard Pocklington (???)
  • Ahmad Saad (Concordia University)
  • Kellee Santiago (Masters Student)
  • Molly Sauter (???)
  • Jamison Selby (Head Writer, ODVD Games)
  • Eugene A. Shaeffer (Angry Weasel Entertainment)
  • Ricardo Soares de Lima (Independent Game Writer)
  • Lucien Soulban (Ubisoft)
  • Raphael van Lierop (Relic Entertainment)
  • David Vincent (Digital Fiction)
  • Richard Vincent (Kutota)
  • Noah Wardrip-Fruin (travelling scholar)
  • Micki Zaritsky (Educational Consultant & Designer)

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