Mailing List

There are actually three mailing lists. They are open to everyone, but are split up to help you manage the volume and type of e-mail you receive from the SIG.

  • General Discussion list (Google Group)- subscribe

    This is a general discussion/networking/socializing kind of mailing list. It has the most members. This mailing list often generates multiple messages per day. This is by design. We recommend you subscribe to this list and lurk for a little while to see if it’s what you’re looking for. If it’s too busy for you, feel free to unsubscribe and subscribe yourself to the announcement list.

  • Announcements Mailing List (gwsig-announce at subscribe

    Here we send out occasional announcements from the SIG about important events or articles of particular interest to game writers. This list has – at most – only two or three messages per month. If you subscribe to the general list, you don’t need to subscribe to this one as well. All messages here will be crossposted to the general list.

  • Committee Mailing list (gwsig-committee at subscribe

    This list has the boring daily grind of making the SIG run. It’s mostly short scheduling/logistics kinds of messages. This list has moderate traffic and can really fill up your inbox with quick planning back-and-forth. Anything of substance that comes to a conclusion here will also be posted to the general discussion list, so it’s not necessary to subscribe to this one unless you’re ready to dig in and become a very active volunteer.

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