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Pixelberry Studios is Hiring a Game Story Writer and Designer

This job position is located in Mountain View California. It was found on Craigslist.


Pixelberry Studios is a startup focused on bringing innovation to mobile games. The team consists of veterans from the mobile games space who have previously released original, Top 25 games on the iPhone. Pixelmzl.rzxakkft.480x480-75berry’s designers, writers, artists, developers, and submissions team are currently hard at work on a new game called High School Story, which is currently available only in Australia and Canada. Pixelberry is also responsible for maintaining two story-based adventure mobile apps.

We are seeking a full-time Game Story Writer and Designer to work at our Mountain View office. This position may require overtime.

Job Description

You will be working with a small team of writers to deliver weekly, quality content to our two story-based adventure apps. This position involves creative writing, extensive editorial work, game testing, and some social media networking. Our ideal candidate writes stories with interesting characters and compelling narrative, is able to consistently meet tight deadlines, and possesses excellent copywriting and editing skills. A passion for gaming and familiarity working on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are a plus.

Given our small-studio format, you might find yourself wearing a variety of hats; candidates should be open and eager to work in several roles and learn new skills.


1. Creativity. A game story writer will be expected to contribute to the direction of the game and story script.
2. Organization. A game story writer will need to handle multiple story arcs and their relationships with each other. Writers should also be able to develop a script that tells a story in a nonlinear manner as story arcs often have multiple endings.
3. Willingness to work under direction and follow established style, tone, and voice of characters in-game while maintaining creativity.
4. Ability to receive frequent feedback and adapt writing to meet the requirements.
5. Ability to deliver stories on a weekly deadline.
6. Ability to write from a variety of voices and perspectives (different genders, social classes, ages, etc.).
7. Excellent written English skills required.
8. Strong ability to communicate.


1. Major in English, specifically creative writing.
2. Technical proficiency (some computer science coursework).
3. Knowledge about and strong interest in the gaming industry, specifically the mobile gaming space.
4. Familiarity making posts on Facebook, Twitter, and tumblr.
5. Familiarity with Photoshop, Pixelmator, or other photo-editing software.
6. Understanding of current high school trends and pop culture.

Materials Requested

1. A cover letter, indicating why you’re interested in the position.
2. A current resume, highlighting writing and educational experience.
3. A writing sample (short story, script, or game writing). We prefer samples of writing that target a teen audience. If you have more than one applicable sample, you can send more than one.

Please copy and paste your cover letter, resume, and writing sample into the body of an email (no attachments) with the subject line ‘Game Story Writer’. Candidates will not be considered without a writing sample.

Location: Mountain View, CA