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Join the online community of game writers creating and sharing ideas that can lead the next-gen gaming worlds. Join the community forum and get involved in the discussions about the upcoming games and their storylines.

Writers & narrative designers in the game industry


Learn about the constitution to write that helps improvise and evolve any game.
Take up a five-year experimental plan that will help you connect with the leading developers.
Take up initiatives to contribute ideas to the discussions held at the forum.

Constitution of the IGDA Game Writers Special Interest Group

Learn about the requirements to become a game writer. Understand the constitution of the IGDA to find the best opportunities with the leading game developers.

Game writing Is a Unique Beast

Game write dialogue

Create interesting stories and build relationships between the game characters to shape its storyline.

construct overarching narrative structure

Create a narrative arc for your character that gamers can enjoy and connect with while exploring the world.

produce documentation articles

Prepare scripts, write-ups, character descriptions, instructions, etc., for video games while gathering ideas from the community.

Additional educational resources the SIG will provide for writers

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This is a very reliable platform for creative writers exploring opportunities in the game industry.
James A Steed
I have been a part of this community for over a year to successfully contribute my ideas and see them come to life through the games I worked with.
Breanna T Trueblood