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Welcome to gamewriting.org, a website dedicated to providing a platform and resource bank for aspiring game writers. Whether you are looking to improve your writing skills or learn more about the industry itself, gamewriting.org is here to help. Our extensive range of resources includes everything from tutorials on how to write dialogue and create characters, to interviews with professional game writers and advice on getting your work published.

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We have an extensive list of great in depth articles for those who don’t know how to become a game writer. These are some of the best kept secrets in the gaming industry which we are happy to bestow upon our readers. Whether you are trying to write great NPC characters or simply want to increase your player engagement levels. We’ve got you covered!

Our wide range of tutorials on dialogue, character development, pacing and plot are the perfect way to learn more about your craft. These are some of the most important building blocks you need when trying to create a great game narrative. Nothing can be underestimated in the art of game writing. Don’t forget about your secondary characters as well!

We are constantly adding more to this great list of works, so please do bookmark our website and check back once in a while for more updates!


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Average salary

The average salary is really not something you should be looking at much. The differences between great writers and mediocre ones is just all too great to be bothered about it. If you follow our guides you will be one of the top earners in no time, but if you fail then you will be as broke as many other writers in this harsh competitive world. Follow your heart and use your creativity to distinguish yourself from mediocrities claws!

Get a high school diploma

The absolute minimum requirement tends to be a high school diploma… although this depends on person to person. If you can get by without any formal education and still bang out great content… then who cares! It will be much easier to get your foot in the door with some English literature degrees though.

Play video games

Play video games

It’s best to use some sort of workflow tools to increase your efficiency when it comes to writing for games in a team setting. Google docs is a very easy example of a great team tool. Thanks to Google docs, several people can work on the same things at once while having the option to add real time comments & suggestions. This makes organizing things a whole lot simpler!

Practice coding

This is usually not a requirement, but having some basic understanding of what’s possible and what’s not in your game setting will help you tremendously.

Earn a degree

Some companies need you to have at least a college degree, while others are ok if you have the writing abilities. Having a bachelor degree in English or creative writing or any field related to your skills and experience would be beneficial so if you can, get one!

Establish your credibility

you need to have established yourself as an authority on video game writing working as a freelancer. You can show your prospective clients and demonstrate how do you write and show designing skills.

Apply for jobs

if you want to work as a full-time employee, you can apply I for the companies for the writing positions in many of the companies searching for video game writers.

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