How To Write A Good Story For A Video Game

Whenever you are playing any video game, you might have noticed an exciting storyline that has been put up before the story and might be wondering how the thought has come up. Here are some of the steps that can help you understand how to write a video game story:

Outlining the storyline

You can end a game’s storyline with thousands of possibilities, but the start should be done with one major storyline that should be impressive for the audience, so it should be the beginning of the script. You might be confused or find it difficult if the storyline has many endings and outcomes. But the critical thing despite all these possibilities is is the primary outline of the Canon story. M outline can be of anything like the significant events of the characters and their decisions and must go through with a minimum of three different endings.

The decision should be taken on what type of game it is

The mechanism of the game surely matters to the writers. After knowing the general structure of your game and how things will go, you need to decide the type of game it will be.
You need to know the kind of game it will be me before going further with your story.


● First-person Shooter
● Action
● Adventure
● role-playing game
● puzzles

there are different other types, and of course, many hybrids between these types as well. So it’s better to know prior your storyline and work on it.

Create a world

You have the freedom to create a whole world that can work on your basis. Choosing or creating the main characters might seem challenging, but it will be easy for you if you have a strong vision for them. The world should be given more importance than the main characters as the player who plays your game will be wearing the world more than they see themselves in the game, even if it is a third-person game.

Create your main characters


once you draft your world, you can start creating your main characters like protagonists, villains, companions and others. It would be effective if you add a back story for all these main characters, which impress the audience well and have an interest in this game.

A flowchart of your major story

A flowchart might help you show any deviations in the story or any minor changes that are acquired if certain things occur. You can write the main story as a summary or something like scene writing.

Add in small details.


You can add all the fun stuff after you write the main story. Adding the side quests and non-playable characters dialogues would be better for a game. Add some conversations for the plots for the non-playable characters, which helps in making the game more interesting.

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