How To Write A Video Game Story?

Once popularly said,” Videos games are stories that are controlled by joystick and strategy.” So, one of the significant elements of games is the story that runs behind. Let’s look at the steps to write a classic video game story.

1. Decide on the purpose.

The purpose is the initial trigger to write a story. To define the word’s meaning, it is the motive behind everything. FOr example, if the motive of the game is to have a short fun experience for the player. Here it is. One needs to work on small elements that bring fun components to the small game. Let the purpose define if the match is adventures, puzzles, or short plays.

To know it in more detail, let’s test this with a popularly known video game. GTA vice-city. The purpose behind the game is to engage gamers in completing the various missions that make the protagonist the god of the underworld.

After we get the purpose, we outline.

Video Game Story

2. Draw the outline

the outline of the write-up consists of the main characters, the initial or the beginning story, and the interactive space of the game. An overview stands important as this will be the first look at the level. If any fault is seen in the outline, it can be changed without intervention in the other elements. But if one decides to skip this step and write the story directly, one change may intervene in the complete story.

In the outline, one needs to focus on writing the dynamics of the character, the emotions, and his goals. Create a smaller story around the surface. If there are more than one character, then do the same for all. Also, define the outline of each mission or the essential elements.


3. Create a flow

The story is a mixture of events or scenes. one needs to build individual settings and blind them into an account. Video games may have many levels or many missions involved in one game. It is essential to define each group and create a flow of it.

4. Write the story

By this step, the writer will already have his story ready. They have to take the smaller pieces and blind them together and add the missing elements. And your story will be prepared. Do not forget that you are writing for the purpose. Ensure the purpose is served till the last step.

Write the story

Add some fun elements and adventure to the game. Hold the image of the character till the end to ensure that they don’t become a bore. Add tools and sparks to your end story. Build on every material that requires attention and can make the game attractive.

Know your character and work on every dynamic. Connect the dots carefully flow because videogame or a film, nobody likes broken stories.

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